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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • What is shipping ?

    Shipping is a major pain point for many retailers – and the time it takes to build a product and ship it around the world can be a huge barrier to entry. That’s why we built Shipbubble – a marketplace that makes shipping faster, easier, cheaper, and better for everyone. We partner with courier services around the world to provide everything from express couriers to last-mile delivery networks at prices you can afford

  • What are the options for shipping on shipbubble ?

    GIG Logistics, DHL , Kwik Delivery, etc

  • How quick is inter-state (within Lagos) delivery on your platform ?

    You can always check prices for any location in the price calculator

  • How does shipbubble work ?

    First, you have to sign up. Once you are signed up, you can compare the prices of various courier services and then place an Order using any of them.

  • Where is your office located ?

    Ship bubble allows you to access partner courier services within/outside your location.

  • Do you offer doorstep delivery/pick up /Park delivery and Pickup ?

    Ship bubble allows you to access partner courier services within/outside your location.

  • What is the estimated time of delivery ?

    Delivery and Pick up time is always stated before/after booking and varied depending on the distance.

  • What locations is Shipbubble Operational ?

    ShipBubble operates within all states in Nigeria and Over 220 countries internationally.

  • How/where do I pay ?

    Payment is made at shipment checkout once your order has been made and wallet funded


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